Masculinities in World Religions. Some Introductory Remarks

Through the history of religions, their holy texts and norms have been sources of men’s images in societies and have presented forms of masculinity that have been expressed in religious acts. This paper examines how this reciprocal influence has shifted from the perspective of the sociology of relig...

Authors: Gerster, Daniel
Krüggeler, Michael
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Publication date:2018
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Source:Gerster, Daniel; Krüggeler, Michael (Hrsg.): God's Own Gender? Masculinities in World Religions. Baden Baden : Ergon, 2018, (Religion in der Gesellschaft ; Bd. 44) ISBN 978-3-95650-453-2, S. 7-36
Subjects:Exzellenzcluster Religion und Politik; Centrum für Religion und Moderne; Religion; Geschlecht; Geschichte Cluster of Excellence Religion and Politics; Center for Religion and Modernity; Religion; Gender; History
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Notes:Die Veröffentlichung erfolgt mit freundlichen Genehmigung des Ergon Verlages.
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