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EUNIS 2017 – Shaping the Digital Future of Universities

Book of Proceedings, EUNIS 23rd Annual Congress

EUNIS, the European University Information Systems Organization, aims to contribute to the development of high quality information systems in Europe’s Higher Education. For those responsible for information technology at universities or research organisations, the yearly congress is a perfect opportunity to establish relationships, exchange experiences and discuss contemporary issues.

Titel: EUNIS 2017 – Shaping the Digital Future of Universities
Untertitel: Book of Proceedings, EUNIS 23rd Annual Congress
Herausgeber: European University Information Systems Organization (EUNIS)
Weitere Beteiligte: Zentrum für Informationsverarbeitung (ZIV) GND
Dokumenttyp: Konferenzveröffentlichung
Medientyp: Text
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Publikation in MIAMI: 05.07.2017
Datum der letzten Änderung: 16.04.2019
Verlag/Hrsg.: European University Information Systems Organization (EUNIS)
Schlagwörter: Kongress; Informationssysteme; Universität; Forschung
Fachgebiete: Informatik, Wissen, Systeme
Lizenz: InC 1.0
Sprache: Englisch
Anmerkungen: 23. EUNIS-Konferenz, 7.-9. Juni 2017, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Format: PDF-Dokument
URN: urn:nbn:de:hbz:6-21299723526
DOI: 10.17879/21299722960
Future challenges for quality-assured IT support through cooperative structures (Sarah Grzemski and Ingo Hengstebeck)..... 6
DABAR - the national infrastructure for digital repositories (Draženko Celjak, Zoran Bekic, Marko Cundekovic, Ljiljana Jertec, Miroslav Milinovic and Alen Zubic)..... 16
Introducing the Learning Scorecard: a tool to improve the student learning experience (Elsa Cardoso, Daniela Costa and Diogo Santos)..... 25

Electronic Document Workflow and e-Signature Implementation at Riga Technical University (Ludmila Penicina, Vitalijs Cistovskis and Daniels Stugis)..... 34
Software development process and testing legislative acts (Jakub Kierzkowski)..... 36
Usability Evaluation of University Websites (Terezia Galovicova, Iveta Kremenova and Juraj Fabus)..... 42
ACADEMIC MOBILE An App for the student (Jordi Cuni Vila and Cristina Garcia)..... 51
System level optimized planning using SAFe and Big Room Planning (Reijo Soreus and Anders Mobjörk)..... 57
Agile transition with more frequent deliveries and how that affects testing (Göran Kero)..... 59

The Threat Landscape in Academic IT from an IT Security Professional‘s Point of View (Anne Hintzell, Kenneth Kahri and Tero Kärkkäinen)..... 62
Using git for configuration management and secured centralized deployment (Daniel Biella, Sven Radermacher and Jörg Mathieu)..... 72
The Campuscard Advanced: Integration of Future Electronic Solutions into Student and Employee Cards (Tamas Molnar)..... 75
Achieving a trust relationship model in eduroam – the case of an RadSec pilot implementation in Portuguese Higher Education Institutions (Pedro Simoes, António Rio-Costa, Fernando Reis, Rui Ribieiro, Alberto Vasconcelos and Elsa Justino)..... 78
Device specific credentials to protect from identity theft in Eduroam (Bernd Decker, Marius Politze and Ramona Renner)..... 90
Flooding Attacks Detection of Mobile Agents in IP Networks (Jean Tajer, Mo Adda and Benjamin Aziz)..... 95
Research Data Infrastructures – A Perspective for the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Anja Lopez and Raimund Vogl)..... 105
The national repository of theses: a short Polish case study (Jaroslaw Protasiewicz, Malgorzata Stefanczuk and Adnrzej Sadlowski)..... 113
simpleArchive – Making an Archive Accessible to the User (Marius Politze and Florian Krämer)..... 121
Extending OAuth2 to Join Local Services into a Federative SOA (Marius Politze)..... 124
eID & eIDAS at University Management - Chances and Changes for Security & legally Binding in cross boarder Electronization (Hermann Strack, Sandro Wefel, Paul Molitor, Michael Räckers, Jörg Becker, Jana Dittmann, Robert Altschaffel, Jorge Marx Gómez, Nico Brehm and Andreas Dieckmann)..... 133
Student-centricity and data openness in a CRM system for higher education (Anssi Kuusela, Teemu Ylikoski, Kimmo Pettinen and Heli Uusipaavalniemi)..... 143

Automating lecture capture using Opencast (Daniel Ebbert)..... 147
Sharing videos in FUAS (Kari Kataja)..... 157
Audiovisual environments between digitalization and declining budgets (Lauri Wilén)..... 159
How to start with learning analytics? Infrastructure and support (Marieke de Wit, Herman van Dompseler and Jocelyn Manderveld)..... 161
Quantified Student (Rens van der Vorst)..... 169
The logic of numbers - How numeric data reveals the processes of learning and teaching (Sandrina Heinrich, Mirco Zick and Tobias Hölterhof)..... 178
A virtual environment and infrastructure to ensure future readiness of Computer Centers (Alexander Kiy, Christoph List and Ulrike Lucke)..... 181
InkluTeach: A Virtual Classroom for Pre-Service Teacher Training (Julian Windscheid, Diana Stoll, Andreas Will and Stephan Sallat)..... 192
Experiencing the smarter campus (Gill Ferrell and Christopher Lavelle)..... 196
Teaching Media Literacy and English as a Lingua Franca: Learning by Doing
International Projects - An Approach to Teaching Professional English in Higher Education (Regina Brautlacht, Maria Lurdes Martins and Franca Poppi)..... 202
Student experience and advancements in the academic on-line foreign language teaching at the University of Warsaw (Anna Pacholak and Monika Galbarczyk)..... 204
Aalto Online Learning - a pathway to reforming education at the Aalto University (Tomi Kauppinen and Lauri Malmi)..... 212

What is „Flexible and Personalized Education“ Anyway? (Christien Bok)..... 222
Introducing the Learning Scorecard: a tool to improve the student learning experience (Elsa Cardoso, Daniela Costa and Diogo Santos)..... 234
How to create a digital learning environment consisting of various components
and acting as a whole? (Marieke de Wit and Herman van Dompseler)..... 243
Reliable e-Assessment with GIT – Practical Considerations and Implementation (Bastian Küppers, Marius Politze and Ulrik Schroeder)..... 253
thermoEint: building e-assessment content for the integration and success of international students in STEM fields (Cornelia Breitkopf, Constantino Grau Turuelo and Oscar Banos Garcia)..... 263
Experiences from projects funded by Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education 2010-2014 (Hilde Gaard and Sofie Osland)..... 271

Building a Digital Roadmap for greater engagement and success (Chris Bridge)..... 274
Digitalization of Higher Education from a Student’s Point of View (Anne Thoring, Dominik Rudolph and Raimund Vogl)..... 279
Essential IT capabilities for a successful digital transformation in Higher Education (Pekka Kahkipuro)..... 289
BencHEIT - Benchmarking Higher Education IT - An Update on the Work of the EUNIS BencHEIT Task Force (Ilkka Siissalo, Teemu Seesto and Yvonne Kivi)..... 296
The Value and Quality of Maturity Models (Karoline Westerlund)..... 298
Observations from the current CIO surveys in Germany – linking CHEITA’s global complexity index (GCI) to other factors and frameworks (Markus von der Heyde and Andreas Breiter)..... 301
Future challenges for quality-assured IT support through cooperative structures (Sarah Grzemski and Ingo Hengstebeck)..... 309
How to make money with HE IT (Mikko Mäkelä)..... 319
Future ways of Teaching Learning (Peter Coman)..... 321
Implementation of the Reseach Core Dataset at Universities in North Rhine-Westphalia (Kendra Sticht, Sebastian Herwig, Malte Kramer and Lena Vinnemann)..... 328
Don’t be afraid to ask: Implementing „New Absalon“ (Peter Aagerup Jensen and Mike Thomas Floejborg)..... 334
An information system perspective on research information systems (Sebastian Herwig and Stefan Schlattmann)..... 339
Giving Leaders and Management Easier Access to Student Data (Ragnar Pettersen)..... 343
Digital Transformation and the Changing Role of Student Administrators: A Case Study (Gerolf Nauwerck, Åsa Cajander and Thomas Lind)..... 345

Supporting Student Mobility — Expected and unexpected results from the EMREX Field Trial (Mats Lindstedt, Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen, Geir Vangen, Stefano Russo, Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz and Pamela Engström)..... 354
EMREX and EWP offering complementary digital services in the higher education area (Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz)..... 358
Support student mobility with the European Student Card project (Jean-Paul Roumegas and Frédérick Bigrat)..... 368
Digital diploma data (in Deutschland?), exchanging diploma data digitally instead of on paper (Jan Otten, Sabine Venema, Meeke Roet and Noud Drummen)..... 373
DABAR - the national infrastructure for digital repositories (Draženko Celjak, Zoran Bekic, Marko Cundekovic, Ljiljana Jertec, Miroslav Milinovic and Alen Zubic)..... 383

Shaping The Digital Future of The Smart Campus: Learning from the Past to Innovate the Future (Noel Wilson and Mani Manivannan)..... 392
TOP-10 Insights - Trends in Higher Education (Johan Bergström and Outi Tasala)..... 395
Laptop lending, with zero-effort? (Mikko Mäkelä)..... 397
Lab4Act: Laboratories for Active Learning Spaces (Andrea Vieira, Clara Vale and Lígia Ribeiro)..... 399
Enabling Paperless Workflows through Digital Signatures (Ricardo Almeida, Sergio Silva, Luís Guerra E Silva, David Martinho and João Silva)..... 403