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Network Dynamics and Formation of Coalitions

Volume 1

The handbook aims to codify, align and disseminate research results that focus on the phenomena of network formation and evolution, the decision support and decision-making, as well as the modelling and planning aimed at coordination of network actors - organizations or individuals – in crisis management. Whereby we refer to crises as disruptive events of significant magnitude, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism but also disruptive innovation. This volume serves as a forum for researchers with an interest in Network Dynamics and Formation of Coalitions. It brings together scholars (and practitioners) from several disciplines and practices that want to understand network dynamics inside and beyond organizational boundaries. To that end they study various contexts, including networks of professionals, organizational networks in industries, and crisis response networks. The latter setting is ideal, given the rapid organizational formation that can be observed in response to a crisis situation (e.g. a tsunami, a bomb attack, etc.): a highly dynamic situation that arises unexpectedly, is threatening, requires fast responses and challenges existing resources. To further our understanding of network dynamics, this volume roots its theoretical perspective on coalition theory, from the Political Science domain as well as insights from other disciplines, such as Technology and Innovation Management and Organization Science.

Das Handbuch dokumentiert die Ergebnisse interdisziplinärer Forschung zu Phänomenen der Netzbildung und -entwicklung, der Entscheidungsunterstützung und der Entscheidungsfindung sowie der Modellierung und Planung der Koordination von Netzwerkakteuren - Organisationen oder Einzelpersonen – im Bereich des Krisenmanagement. Krisen sind disruptive Ereignisse von erheblichem Ausmaß, wie Naturkatastrophen oder Terrorakte, aber auch disruptive Innovationen. Band 1 des Handbuchs konzentriert sich auf Themen der Netwerkdynamik und der Bildung von Koalitionen.

Titel: Network Dynamics and Formation of Coalitions
Untertitel: Volume 1
Verfasser: Klein, Stefan GND
Ortt, Roland GND
Bücker, Claudia
Organisation: FB 04: Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Dokumenttyp: Buch
Medientyp: Text
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Publikation in MIAMI: 26.04.2017
Datum der letzten Änderung: 27.04.2017
Reihe Handbook on Networks in Innovation and Crisis Management ; Volume 1
Schlagwörter: Networked crisis management; innovation management; network governance; coalitions; volunteerism
Fachgebiete: Wirtschaft
Lizenz: CC BY-ND 3.0 DE
Sprache: Englisch
Format: PDF-Dokument
URN: urn:nbn:de:hbz:6-64219729372
DOI: 10.17879/64219709342
Towards the Typology of Career Paths for Technology and Innovation Management Professionals within Crisis Management Realm ..... 1
Theory, related work ..... 2
Method ..... 5
Results ..... 6
Discussion ..... 13
Limitations ..... 15
Conclusions ..... 15
References ..... 16
A State of the Art Review: Digital Volunteerism and Crisis Response Coalitions in the Social Media Age ..... 19
Abstract ..... 19
Digital Civic Engagement Behavior ..... 20
Coalition Theory ..... 25
Limitations ..... 30
Concluding remarks ..... 33
References ..... 35
Not Invented Here Syndrome ..... 39
Introduction ..... 39
Literature Review ..... 39
Research questions and Hypothesis ..... 44
Research Approach ..... 45
Expected Outcomes ..... 46
References ..... 46
Organizations in Crisis Situations: Towards an Understanding of Capability Frameworks of Organizations in Turbulent and Networked Environments ..... 50
Abstract ..... 50
Introduction ..... 51
Theory ..... 53
Case Description and Analysis ..... 62
Conclusion ..... 72
Limitations and Future Research Implications ..... 72
References ..... 73