Water on Mediterranean Islands : Current conditions and prospects for sustainable management

The availability of water in the Mediterranean in sufficient quantities and adequate quality represents a significant problem. This situation is particularly exacerbated on the islands of the Mediterranean. In this regard, MEDIS, an EU funded project, aims to give assistance in solving these problem...

Further contributors: Donta, Antonia Alkistis (Editor)
Lange, Manfred A. (Editor)
Herrmann, Annett (Editor)
Division/Institute:FB 11: Physik
Zentrum für Umweltforschung
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Publication date:2005
Date of publication on miami:05.02.2006
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Series:ZUFO-Berichte, Bd. 5
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Subjects:Wasser; Wassermanagement; Mittelmeerinseln; Mallorca; Korsika; Kreta; Sizilien; Zypern; Landwirtschaft; Sozio-Ökonomie; Hydrologie; Wasserbilanz
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