Online Assessment of Value Preferences by Paired Comparisons : Paper presented at the 14th European Conference on Personality, July 16-20, 2008, Tartu, Estonia

The importance of personal values has usually been investigated by ranking or by rating procedures. We used an alternative approach in a series of online studies: Subjects received a total of 45 graded paired comparison tasks. On each trial, two of the ten value types proposed by Schwartz (1992) wer...

Authors: Bilsky, Wolfgang
Brocke, Michaela
Gollan, Tobias
Division/Institute:FB 07: Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
Document types:Working paper
Media types:Text
Publication date:2008
Date of publication on miami:23.07.2019
Modification date:06.03.2020
Series:Berichte aus der Arbeitseinheit Differentielle Psychologie und Persönlichkeitspsychologie, Bd. 31
Edition statement:[Electronic ed.]
Subjects:personal values; relative importance; online studies; paired comparisons task; Portrait Values Questionnaire (PVQ); value structure
DDC Subject:150: Psychologie
License:InC 1.0
Notes:Berichte aus dem Psychologischen Institut IV
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