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Salvia Species as Sources of Natural Products with Antiprotozoal Activity

Natural products from plants have been used since ancestral times to treat a wide variety of diseases worldwide. Plants of the genus Salvia (Sage) have been reported to be used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and ailments. In particular, some Salvia species have been used in traditional medicine to treat diseases caused by protozoan parasites of the genera Trypanosoma, Leishmania and Plasmodium and scientific studies have demonstrated the activity of various isolated constituents from these plants against these pathogens. The current review attempts to give a critical overview of published information about the antiprotozoal activity of species of the genus Salvia and their chemical constituents. It is meant to give a unified overview of these results in order to avoid repetitions caused, e.g., by limited access to some primary reports, and to stimulate further research to possibly facilitate the development of new molecular leads against protozoal neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) based on Salvia constituents.

Titel: Salvia Species as Sources of Natural Products with Antiprotozoal Activity
Verfasser: Llurba-Montesino, Núria
Schmidt, Thomas Jürgen
Dokumenttyp: Artikel
Medientyp: Text
Erscheinungsdatum: 16.01.2018
Publikation in MIAMI: 26.01.2018
Datum der letzten Änderung: 16.04.2019
Quelle: International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19 (2018) 1, 264, 1-32
Schlagwörter: Salvia; natural products; neglected tropical diseases (NTDs); Plasmodium; Leishmania; Trypanosoma; global health
Fachgebiete: Biochemie; Chemie
Lizenz: CC BY 4.0
Sprache: Englisch
Förderung: Finanziert durch den Open-Access-Publikationsfonds 2018 der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) und der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU Münster).
Format: PDF-Dokument
URN: urn:nbn:de:hbz:6-49179494752
DOI: 10.3390/ijms19010264