Riemannian foliations on contractible manifolds

We prove that Riemannian foliations on complete contractible manifolds have a closed leaf, and that all leaves are closed if one closed leaf has a finitely generated fundamental group. Under additional topological or geometric assumptions we prove that the foliation is also simple.

Authors: Florit, Luis
Goertsches, Oliver
Lytchak, Alexander
Töben, Dirk
Document types:Article
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Publication date:2015
Date of publication on miami:22.08.2016
Modification date:16.04.2019
Source:Münster Journal of Mathematics, 8 (2015), S. 1-16
Publisher: Mathematisches Institut (Universität Münster)
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DDC Subject:510: Mathematik
License:InC 1.0
Format:PDF document
Other Identifiers:DOI: 10.17879/65219682809
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