The Ritual Calendar of South Acèh, Indonesia

This publication addresses the manner in which Islam manifests itself in the culturally specific representations and actions of the society of Aneuk Jamee of South Acèh, Indonesia. Based on long-term social-anthropological field research it explores the relations between the so-called normative Isla...

Author: Abdul, Manan
Document types:Book
Media types:Text
Publication date:2015
Date of publication on miami:08.07.2015
Modification date:22.07.2015
Series:Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WWU Münster / Reihe X, Bd. 22
Publisher: Monsenstein und Vannerdat
Edition statement:[Electronic ed.]
Source:Zugl.: Münster (Westfalen), Univ., Diss., 2010
Subjects:Ritual calender; Indonesia; South Acèh; cultur; Islam; tradition Ritueller Kalender; Indonesien; Süd-Aceh; Kultur; Islam; Tradition
DDC Subject:297: Islam, Babismus, Bahaismus
900: Geschichte
954: Geschichte Südasiens; Indiens
License:CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 DE
Notes:Auch im Buchhandel erhältlich: The Ritual Calendar of South Acèh, Indonesia / Abdul Manan. – Münster : Monsenstein und Vannerdat, 2015. – IX, 357 S. (Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WWU Münster : Reihe X ; Bd. 22), ISBN 978-3-8405-0125-8, Preis: 22,70 EUR
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