Theoretisch basierte Konzeption eines Reflectorys zum Sustainable Development Goal 14 „Life Below Water“

The Reflectory Method is a method developed by the Institute for Didactics of Geography of the WWU Münster, in which learners can immerse themselves in a kind of interactive audio book and influence the outcome of the story told through their own decisions. In this way, in the sense of the concept o...

Author: Haake, Christoph Jonas
Document types:Master thesis
Media types:Text
Publication date:2019
Date of publication on miami:22.11.2019
Modification date:22.11.2019
Series:Münstersche Arbeiten zur Geographiedidaktik, Bd. 16
Edition statement:[Electronic ed.]
Subjects:Geographiedidaktik; Reflectory; Globales Lernen; Sustainable Development Goals; Indonesien
DDC Subject:550: Geowissenschaften, Geologie
License:InC 1.0
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