Accelerating the processes of innovation : Degussa's new bonus system creates innovation incentives for creavis employees

Authors: Höcker, Hans Kurt
Nettelnbreker, Hans-Jürgen
Division/Institute:FB 12: Chemie und Pharmazie
Document types:Article
Media types:Text
Publication date:2004
Date of publication on miami:01.08.2005
Modification date:18.06.2015
Source:Journal of Business Chemistry, 1 (2004) 1, S. 21-24
Edition statement:[Electronic ed.]
DDC Subject:330: Wirtschaft
Legal notice:Copyright for this article only covers scientific publications. The Degussa AG is allowed to publish the article in ‘non-scientific’ journals which are published by Degussa AG itself.
License:InC 1.0
Notes:Section "Practicioner’s Section"
Format:PDF document
Digital documents:2004_vol1_iss1_21-24.pdf

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