The Content of the Conversations of Primary School Parties whilst looking at Animal Exhibits in a Zoo

Visitor studies of the ʻtime and motionʼ kind led to the widespread development of concepts such as attracting power, holding power and exit gradient. Recent studies in exhibitions have, whilst still paying attention to the spatial and temporal issues, begun to consider the cognitive content of the...

Author: Tunnicliffe, Sue Dale
Division/Institute:FB 13: Biologie
Document types:Article
Media types:Text
Publication date:2005
Date of publication on miami:28.05.2006
Modification date:17.09.2015
Source:Berichte des Institutes für Didaktik der Biologie, 14 (2005), S. 81-91
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Subjects:Primary School; Parties; Conversations; Animal; Exhibits; Zoo
DDC Subject:570: Biowissenschaften; Biologie
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