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On the content and structure of values: Universals or methodolical artefacts ?

During the past fifteen years, Shalom Schwartz developed and continuously refined a comprehensive theory on the structure of values. One significant feature of his approach is that it does not confine itself to the mere distinction of value types. Rather, building on Guttman's facet approach, the theory specifies a set of dynamic relations among values by referring to mutual compatibilities and conflicts in the pursuit of the motivational concerns that they express. In addition, and more importantly for the present study, Schwartz summarised these dynamic relation in terms of a two-dimensional bipolar structure. It is this structure which we tried to replicate in our study. Other than Schwartz, however, we did not use the 'Schwartz Value Survey' for this purpose. Instead, we applied a short version of Morris' 'Ways to Live' developed by Dempsey and Dukes, the 'Kilmann Insight Test', and McClelland's 'Personal Values Questionnaire' to a sample of N=144 Canadian marketing students. Data were analysed by means of nonmetric multidimensional scaling. Results show that many though not all features of the Schwartz values model could be replicated. Correspondence with and deviations from the hypothesised structure are discussed, considering both conceptual and methodological differences in values assessment.

Titel: On the content and structure of values: Universals or methodolical artefacts ?
Verfasser: Bilsky, Wolfgang GND
Koch, Mareike
Organisation: FB 07: Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
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Erscheinungsdatum: 28.07.2004
Publikation in MIAMI: 28.07.2004
Datum der letzten Änderung: 29.07.2004
Quelle: Erschienen in: J. Blasius, J. Hox, E. deLeeuw & P. Schmidt (Eds.), / Social science methodology in the New Millennium. Updated and extended proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Logic and Methodology, October 3-6, 2000, Cologne, Germany / [CD-ROM]. Leverkusen: Leske + Budrich.
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