Lehrervorstellungen und fachliche Vorstellungen zu Experimenten im Geographieunterricht

Taking into current literature of didactics of Geography, there is a lack of clear and coherent criteria concerning teaching-related experiments. Up to now there is a wide range of different criteria to refer to so that in concrete teaching situations the teachers’ own perception of how experiments...

Author: Spellsiek, Marc
Division/Institute:FB 14: Geowissenschaften
Document types:Master thesis
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Publication date:2013
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Modification date:24.10.2014
Series:Münstersche Arbeiten zur Geographiedidaktik, Bd. 4
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Subjects:Geographiedidaktik; Didaktische Rekonstruktion; Experiment; Versuch; Lehrervorstellungen; Naturwissenschaftliche Grundbildung
DDC Subject:550: Geowissenschaften, Geologie
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