Electronic Data Interchange: the perspectives of private international law and data protection

Author: Hoeren, Thomas
Division/Institute:FB 03: Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Document types:Article
Media types:Text
Publication date:1992
Date of publication on miami:17.11.2003
Modification date:18.09.2014
Edition statement:[Electronic ed.]
Source:Law, Computers and Artifical Intelligence 1 (1992) 3, 329-344
Auch in: Indira Carr / Katherine Williams (Hg.), Computers and Law, Oxford: Intellect, 1994, S. 128-141
Subjects:private international law; data protection; Computer law; Software EDV-Recht; Urheberrecht
DDC Subject:340: Recht
License:InC 1.0
Format:PDF document
Digital documents:082_electronic.pdf

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