"I’m here too, Girlfriend…" : reclaiming public spaces for the gendering of civil society in Turkey

Having encountered many deep pot-holes along its long road to democracy since the 1960s, Turkey’s renewed efforts to secure EU membership as of the late 1980s allowed it to take advantage of externally funded initiatives focusing on gender equality, minority rights and civil society formation during...

Author: Mushaben, Joyce Marie
Corporate Author: Zentrum für Europäische Geschlechterstudien (ZEUGS) (Editor)
Document types:Working paper
Media types:Text
Publication date:2015
Date of publication on miami:02.02.2015
Modification date:09.03.2020
Source:Working Papers / Zentrum für Europäische Geschlechterstudien (ZEUGS), Working Paper No. 7
Edition statement:[Electronic ed.]
Subjects:Gender; Civil Society; Turkey; European Union; Women’s Movement Gender; Zivilgesellschaft; Türkei; Europäische Union; Frauenbewegung
DDC Subject:320: Politikwissenschaft
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