Extraction of δ-aminolevulinic acid-induced protoporphyrin IX from blood and serum and measurement using analytical chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry

In continuation of earlier work on the detection of δ-aminolevulinic acid (ALA)-induced protoporphyrin IX (PPIX) in blood and serum both the extraction method and the analysis were improved considerably. Liquid chromatography (LC) analysis was transferred from capillary equipment to an analytical wo...

Authors: Peters, Insa
König, Simone
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Publication date:2019
Date of publication on miami:19.12.2019
Modification date:23.03.2022
Source:Mercator Journal of Biomolecular Analysis, 3 (2019) 2, S. 6-9
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Subjects:Protoporphyrin; MRM; glioblastoma; serum; chromatography Protoporphyrin; MRM; Glioblastoma; Serum; Chromatographie
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