Quantification with Comparative Fluorescence Gel Electrophoresis (CoFGE)

Comparative two-dimensional fluorescence gel electrophoresis (CoFGE) was developed to enable reproducibility of coordinate assignment for protein spots. To that end, it uses an internal grid formed by a set of pure proteins. The composition of the reference compounds is known, so that, in addition t...

Authors: Nippes, Alina
Ackermann, Doreen
König, Simone
Division/Institute:FB 05: Medizinische Fakultät
Document types:Article
Media types:Text
Publication date:2019
Date of publication on miami:17.05.2019
Modification date:23.03.2022
Source:Mercator Journal of Biomolecular Analysis, 3 (2019) 1, S. 14-21
Edition statement:[Electronic ed.]
Subjects:comparative fluorescence gel electrophoresis; CoFGE; protein coordinates; reference grid; internal standard; quantification Vergleichende Fluoreszenz Gelelektrophorese; CoFGE; Proteinkoordinaten; Referenzgitter; interner Standard; Quantifizierung
DDC Subject:572: Biochemie
License:CC BY-SA 3.0 DE
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