Synesthesia: The Synthesis of Arts in World Art Culture : Abstracts from a Conference held in Saint Petersburg, March 4–5, 2019

This book provides abstracts of papers of the 2nd International Conference Polylogue and Synthesis of Arts: History and Modernity, Theory and Practice; Epochs – Styles – Genres, which took place on March 4–5, 2019, at the Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. The conference was dedica...

Further contributors: Jewanski, Jörg (Editor)
Nikolaeva, Nina (Editor)
Konanchuk, Svetlana (Editor)
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Publication date:2020
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Series:Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WWU Münster / Reihe XVIII, Bd. 15
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Table of contents:
  • Foreword ..... 11
  • Abstracts ..... 13
  • Galiya Akparova - The Problem of the National: The Relationship between Tradition and Innovation in Chamber-Instrumental Sonatas of Bakir Bayakhunov ..... 15
  • Gulnar Alpeisova - Understanding of Kuy’s Musical Space in the Course of Ethnosolfeggio ..... 16
  • Elena Barnashova - Dialectics of the Perfect and the Real in Aesthetic Literature in the Middle of the 19th Century ..... 17
  • Ayganym Baygonys - Synthesis of Arts in Animation of Kazakh Kuy’s ‘Aksak Kulan’ ..... 19
  • Olga Begicheva - The Song of the Prophet Oleg by Alexander Pushkin. Musical-Artistic ‘Interpretation’ by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Victor Vasnetsov ..... 20
  • Yaroslav Bezokov - The Synesthetics of Form in Music ..... 21
  • Olga Bochkareva - Dialogue ‘Man – Time’ in Musical Animated Film ..... 22
  • Galina Boeva - Style Correlations between Different Kinds of Art in Dmitry Likhachev’ Works ..... 23
  • Regina Budagyan - Synthesis of Arts in the Works of the Outstanding Representatives of the Modern Musical Direction ‘Classical Crossover’ ..... 24
  • Natalya Danilkina - Reflections on Raphael’s Fresco Virtue and Law and the Ethical Background of European Integration ..... 26
  • Andrey Denisov - Hypercitation in Musical Art of the 20th Century: Forms and Functions ..... 27
  • Ekaterina Devyatko - The Metaphorical Vocabulary of Alphons Diepenbrock ..... 29
  • Vadim Dulat-Aleev - Maslenitsa, Faustian Theme and Theatre ‘Moralité’ in Alexander Serov’s Opera The Power of the Fiend: The Problem of Artistic and Stylistic Polylogue in Interpretation ..... 30
  • Alexander Egorov - Music Metaphor in Literary-Critical Articles of Marina Tsvetaeva ..... 31
  • Marina Egorova - Features of Art Synthesis in Giacomo Meyerbeer’s Opera Le Prophète ..... 33
  • Evgeniya Elina - Ways of Artistic Perception in Language: Examples of Interpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s Paintings ..... 34
  • Marya Gendova - Ballet Comedy as a Representation of Life in the Country of Soviets of the 1930s: A Look from the 21st Century ..... 36
  • Nadezhda Golik - Synesthesia of Dramatic Action: The Concept of Stanislaw Witkiewicz ..... 36
  • Pavel Gordeev - Methodological Foundations of ‘Musical Graphics’ ..... 40
  • Anatoly Grigorenko - Sofia Bases of Artistic Activities ..... 41
  • Elena Guseva - Performances and Installations: The Problem of Expanding the Borders of Art (Hermeneutic Aspect) ..... 42
  • Natalia Harding - How it Started: Synthesis of the Arts in English Ballets of the Late 1920s and Early 1930s. An Analysis, Based on British Newspapers ..... 45
  • Sergey Iezuitov - Russian Cosmism and Maxim Gorky ..... 47
  • Jörg Jewanski and Rustem Sakhabiev - Bulat Galeyev’s Abstract Film The Small Triptych. A Synthesis of the Arts, Realized at the Prometheus-Institute (NII) in Kazan ..... 50
  • Jörg Jewanski, Julia Simner, Sean A. Day, Nicolas Rothen, and Jamie Ward - Synesthesia: The Development of Its Terminology ..... 53
  • Jörg Jewanski, Christoph Reuter, Isabella Czedig-Eysenberg, Saleh Siddiq, Charalampos Saitis, Sascha Kruchten, Rustem Sakhabiev, and Michael Oehler - Features of Timbre-Color Mappings. An Empirical Study ..... 56
  • Darya Kalashnikova - Problems of Synthesis of Arts in Music of the Russian Avantgarde of the 1910s in Relation to a Theory of Synesthesia ..... 59
  • Galina Kaloshina - Varieties of Art Synthesis Processes in the Works of French Composers of the Second Half of the 20th and the Beginning of the 21st Century ..... 60
  • Svetlana Kamyshnikova - Color Visualization in Music Education ..... 63
  • Xenia Kemova - The Four-Handed Sonata in the 20th Century by Francis Poulenc and György Ligeti: Modification of a Genre ..... 64
  • Liliya Klochkova - Dialogue of Images: ‘Image of Edessa’ and Ancient Russian Church-Singer Tradition ..... 65
  • Alexander Klyuyev - Polylogue of Arts in Pedagogical Work ..... 67
  • Zoya Knyaz - Themes of the East and the West in the Opera La Princesse Jaune by Camille Saint-Saëns ..... 68
  • Olga Kolganova - Bibliography of Works of the Light Orchestra’s Inventor Grigory Gidoni: Published and Unpublished ..... 69
  • Galina Kolomiets - Metaphysical Sources of a Synthesis of Arts in Aesthetics of German Romanticism ..... 72
  • Nina Kolyadenko - Synesthetics and Synergetics as a Methodology of Modern Musicology ..... 74
  • Svetlana Konanchuk - The Problem of Synesthesia in Musical Culture of the Ancient East ..... 76
  • Mariya Kosheleva - Der beglückte Florindo and Die verwandelte Daphne by George Frideric Handel in the Context of the Traditions of the Baroque Opera in the Beginning of the 18th Century ..... 78
  • Mariya Kozak - Genre and Stylistic Interactions in the Music of the Middle Phase of Avenir Monfred’s Art ..... 80
  • Mariya Kozlova - Modern Practice of Directorial Interpretations of Classical Opera Performance: Specifity of Intermedial Translation ..... 81
  • Natalya Krasikova - Music Syntax and Music Syntagmatics: The Question of Borrowing Linguistic Terms in Musicology ..... 82
  • Anna Krom - Orient in the Works of Charles T. Griffes ..... 84
  • Albina Kruchinina and Marina Egorova - From the Polylogue to the Performative: Ancient Russian Monody in the Temple Space of the 17th Century ..... 85
  • Tatyana Kruglova - Batleyka Puppet Theater through the Prism of a Synthesis of Arts ..... 86
  • Svetlana Lashchenko - Polylogue of Emotional and Behavioral Codes of Russian Culture: The Example of Russian Tours of European Primadonnas in the Period between the 1820s and the Beginning of the 1840s ..... 88
  • Ludmilla Leipson - The Idea of Sound Visualization: Communications and Parallels ..... 89
  • Evgeniya Lisitskaya and Nadezhda Gernet - Improving the Quality of Education in Music Using Mechanisms of Interdisciplinary Interactions ..... 91
  • Tatyana Litvin - Perception of Music in the Context of Teaching in the Time of Augustine: Possibilities of a Phenomenological Interpretation ..... 93
  • Svetlana Lysenko - Choreographic Interpretation of the Boléro by Maurice Ravel in the Modern Musical Theater: Experiences of a Synesthetic Analysis ..... 94
  • Danila Lyubimov - Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher by Arthur Honegger in Perm: From Mystery to Performance ..... 96
  • Danila Lyubimov - The Libretto of George Frideric Handel’s Opera Alcina: A Fairy Tale or an Erotic Novel? ..... 98
  • Anastasiya Maksimova - A Preliminary Overview of the Works of Bulat Galeyev on the Synthesis of Arts, Based on Materials of the Prometheus-Conferences 1969–2008 ..... 99
  • Antonina Maksimova - The ‘Jazz’ Heritage of Vladimir Dukelsky (Vernon Duke): The Problem of a ‘Memory of Genre’ ..... 101
  • Nadezhda Mankovskaya - Concepts of Synesthesia and a Synthesis of Arts in Aesthetics of French Symbolism and Their Multimedia Echo ..... 102
  • Marina Mikhailov - The Ontological and Aesthetic Basis of Polylogue and the Synthesis of Arts: Octets by Osip Mandelstam ..... 103
  • Irina Mishina - A Synthesis of Arts and Modern Aesthetic Culture ..... 104
  • Olga Mizyurkina - Synesthesia in the Context of Cultural-Artistic Impulses in the Early Creativity of Igor Stravinsky ..... 106
  • Nina Nachkebia - Synesthetic Ideas in the Piano Cycle Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus by Olivier Messiaen ..... 107
  • Sergey Nesterov - Literary Genres in Music for Solo Violin in the Last Third of the 20th Century as a Phenomenon of Synthesis of Arts ..... 108
  • Nina Nikolaeva - Synesthetic Aspects of Leo Tolstoy’s Military Prose ..... 111
  • Vera Nilova - The Virtual East in the Works of Leevi Madetoja ..... 112
  • Irina Novichkova - A Word about Igor’s Regiment. A Monument of Ancient Russian Literature and a Drama Symphony by Alexander Tchaikovsky: The Problem of a Synthesis of Genre Styles ..... 113
  • Togzhan Ospanova and Diana Panargalieva - Genre-Style Interactions in the Works of Kazakhstan Composers: Historical and Aesthetic Aspects ..... 115
  • Bayanjargal Oyunbadrakh - The Editing of Music: The Performer and Freedom of Interpretation ..... 116
  • Nadezhda Petruseva - Distance and Proximity to the East: Pierre Boulez – Karlheinz Stockhausen – György Ligeti – Toru Takemitsu ..... 117
  • Leah Pild - A Semantic Halo of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Music in the Works of Afanasy Fet ..... 119
  • Juliya Plakhotnaya - Features of Perception of Musical and Poetic Works ..... 120
  • Alexander Pletnev - Mixing and Conflict of Value Bases of Eastern and Western Cultures in Virtual Arts ..... 121
  • Olga Polisadova - Genre and Style Features of Sergey Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes ..... 122
  • Ekaterina Prikhodovskaya - The Synthetic Nature of the Emotive-Suggestive Message in Art ..... 124
  • Larisa Prokofieva and Anna Ermakova - Lexical and Phonosemantic Synesthetic Associations in Children’s Lullabies: Materials from German and Russian Languages ..... 125
  • Vadim Prozersky - The Problem of Synesthesia in the Aesthetics of Emotivism ..... 126
  • Evgeniya Rau - The Idea of Dialogue in Passions of Contemporary Composers ..... 128
  • David Salkowski - The Temple Action and the Synthesis of the Arts: The Action of the Fiery Furnace Burning by Alexander Kastalsky ..... 130
  • Anastasiya Saut - Synesthetic Features of Artists’ Creativity of the Amaravella Group ..... 131
  • Tatyana Sergeeva - Synthesis of Arts in the Context of the Dialogue of Cultures of the East and the West ..... 133
  • Elena Shabshaevich - Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky: A Virtual Artistic Dialogue in the Ballet Genre ..... 134
  • Ding Shuyue and Natalya Dozhina - The Rituals of Traditional Belarusian and Chinese Wedding as a Form of Interaction of Arts ..... 136
  • Larisa Smirnova - Interpretation of Russian Folk Songs in Animation ..... 137
  • Olga Sobakina - Musical Graphics in Interpretation of Boguslav Schaeffer and His Followers ..... 138
  • Irina Susidko and Anastasiya Maslova - Manuel de Falla’s Ballet The Three-Cornered Hat and the Spanish Theatrical Tradition of the 16th an